TUK TUK TOURISM's mission is to invigorate the inner city by an urban transportation service called HEP TUK TUK !

What is it ?

For instance, you can join the shopping center from the Station in just a few minutes. Go from place A to place B with no connections.

Short distance will no longer be a headache with HEP TUK TUK !

LI√ąGE [Click to enlarge]


Ideal by all weathers, after a one day walk or intense emotion shopping or even simply to go from one place to another in a fun and original way, to circulate in the centre of Brussels couldn't be easier !

How does it work?

You'd like to move for a short ride downtown ?

If your path crosses with one of our Tuk Tuk, stop it with a wave of your hand and advise our driver where you want to get off.

What are the rates?

5 euro per leg and per person and passengers pay before they board. HEP TUK TUK is as simple as that !